Friday, December 30, 2016

How can we get rid of your freckles?

How can we get rid of your freckles
Skin treatment methods can be classified as creams, chemical peels, ice treatments and lasers. We can use scar creams in the treatment of freckles to lighten these up. This is usually not a permanent method.

If we are looking for a more permanent method, we can use chemical peeling, ice treatment or laser treatment. Ice treatment is not a very advantageous method. It may be preferred if the age of the person is advanced. Chemical peeling can be applied especially in light skin.

It is also applied as one session per month, at least 4 times. After this process, a slight crust on the person's face and darkening on the freckle can be seen. These go back in a week. The freckles disappear or get lighter. The skin color and texture of the person is very important in the treatment.

Treatment is much better in light-skinned people. If the color of the person's skin is dark, you have to be careful about the side effects. Dark skinned people are very suitable for skin color reproduction. When stain treatment is done, spotting may occur. For this reason, laser and light therapy should be preferred for darker skin.
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