Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How do I remove acne scars?

acne scars
The most important issue in the treatment of acne scars is the way of treatment. After a few repetitions of acne formation in the same region, skin can be damaged, causing permanent scars. It is important for people with acne to treat those instantly.

If nevertheless there are scars, fractional systems are the most effective treatment methods. The radiofrequency method is particularly effective because on the next day you return to work and social life. Generally 3 or 4 sessions are recommended. It can be done once or twice a month according to the depth of the scar. The skin does not redden.

In the treatment of scars, methods called micro-fermentation, or chemical peels are commonly used as well. Sometimes laser treatment methods may not suffice for deep acne scars. In particular, it is much more effective to apply filler treatment on scars with many pits.

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