Saturday, December 24, 2016

What causes acne in advanced ages?

advanced age acne
In advanced age, pimples are called "acne after puberty". Adolescent acne begins with the adolescent period and ends at the age of 20. There are two opposing antidotes to advanced age acne. Adolescence may sometimes go on with the acne. They are stubborn and do not respond to treatment.

It may also come up in the case of later emerging acne, which were not evident during adolescence. Some factors, such as non-puberty, play a role. Stress is a very important factor, it triggers the acne. Hormonal disorders are another cause. The use of cosmetics can also trigger acne.

Acne can also be seen depending on jobs. With aging, there is a decrease in collagen due to the effects of the sun. For this reason, there is a delay in self-renewal of the skin. This also causes the acne to leave more traces.
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