Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Does Hard Hair Get Softer?

How Does Hard Hair Get Softer
There are two main reasons why hair can be hard; The first one is that they are naturally dry and tough, and the second one is because of coloring, frequent shampooing, sea and sun.

Whatever the cause, there are some natural methods you can apply to soften your hair and also cosmetic hair care products that are specially designed to soften your hair. If your hair is hard from its own nature, you can use hair care oils, serums and moisturizing hair care masks; if they are hard because of fraying, you should stay away from heavy shampoos, dyes and hair straighteners for a while.

Things that can be done to soften hair

First you should choose the shampoo correctly and avoid shampoos which will dry your already dry hair. Use moisturizing shampoos and clean more your head skin than your hair during a shower. Do not shampoo your hair every day because every day shampooing will dry the head skin and therefore the hair. If you have to shower every day, you can mix your shampoo with half-water.

If you have a cream that you use daily, be sure that this cream has nourishing and moisturizing features. After rubbing the cream on the bottom tips, go through your hair with a large toothed comb.

You can use a hair care product that has a moisturizing effect once a week or you can take care of your hair with natural oils like almond oil or olive oil. For natural care, apply olive oil with your fingertips by massaging the head skin and apply it to the ends of the hair. After waiting for half an hour, you can wash it out with shampoo.

Products such as hair dryers and straighteners dry the hair and cause it to harden. Try to use these devices as little as possible, and if you have time, take the excess water on your hair with towel and leave it to natural drying.
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